mark sawalha


I was born in London and moved to Finland when I was a small child. My father as well as my english uncle and cousins are well known Jordanian actors. But I hardly know them as I have met them only a couple of times in my lifetime. I have dual nationality finnish and british. I am currently living in Finland.

I have a degree from the University of Jyväskylä (M.Sc. in Natural Sciences). I had also attended a short film making course in London Soho long time ago. These days I'm more focused on  visual arts like video making. I also self-study technical pattern based commodity markets trading. I have been visually talented since childhood. I believe my strengths is ability to recognize visual patterns in the financial markets and also small details of large images. I like also to make and photograph the food. Sushi, grav lax, and Sacher cake are my favorites.

Finding Alien anomalies (mechanical structures, buildings, etc.) on our solar system is quite new matter for me. I got  interested about this topic after I found these strange structures on NASA images myself. I am sure that these findings are real. We have still a lot to learn from our neighbours planets and what's happening there. Maybe coming (SpaceX) space flights will bring more light for these issues. I am maybe among the few who thinks that our whole solar system may be already quite industrialized.

However, my science researcher education background has been useful when doing planetary anomaly research. Well verified source materials are extremely important! So, I always try to link original image sources to my findings so that others are able to verify them. Actually that's almost my Brand "links to original image".

Some images here: Trading setup at country house. My 3D Concept art - Hovercraft and Gooseliner and food photography.

trading  howercraft


Film Links.

Here both my own TV, Film and indie stuff and some TV series and Movies where my relatives appear.

Chief Seattles Speech

Agent 60's. I did a bit TV commercial acting some years ago

My cousin Julia Sawalha in Absolutely Fabulous - Saffy

My uncle Nadim Sawalha in James Bond - Fekkes

PYRO Trailer - New Niko Kostet film. I had Jouhi's part

Didn't know about Aliens when I made this years ago :)