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I was born in London and moved to Finland when I was a small child. My father is an jordanian actor but many of my family members live in the UK. I have dual nationality finnish and british. I am living in Finland.

I have a degree from the University of Jyväskylä (M.Sc. in Biology). I also studied film making in London. These days I'm more focused on  visual arts like video making. I also practice technical pattern based commodity markets trading every day.

Finding Alien anomalies (mechanical structures, buildings, etc.) on our solar system is quite new matter for me. I got  interested about this topic after I found these strange structures on NASA images myself. I am sure that these findings are real. We have still a lot to learn from our neighbours planets and what's happening there.

However, researcher background has been useful when doing planetary anomaly research. Well verified source materials are must! So, I always try to link original image sources to my findings so that others are can verify my findings.

Trading setup at country house. My Concept art - hovercraft.

trading  howercraft

Film Links.

Here both my own TV, Film and indie stuff and some TV series and Movies where my relatives appear.

Chief Seattles Speech

Agent 60's. I did a bit TV commercial acting some years ago

My cousin Julia in Absolutely Fabulous - Saffy

My uncle Nadim in James Bond - Fekkes

PYRO Trailer - New Niko Kostet film. I had Jouhi's part

Didn't know about Aliens when I made this years ago :)