My Best Health Video Links

We eat too much sugar. Dr Robert Lustic has a very good lecture about it. Dr Essestyne is specialised for hearth health and reversing heart conditions by right kind of vegetarian food. Dr Campbell is specialied for protein and cancer link. His studies are based on famous China study. Dr Anem talks about Brain health. Dr Greger reads health related science articles and lectures about them online. Arnold - motivation speech. Ajahn Brahm is Buddisth Zen monk and talks about life matters. This is his most popular lecture. Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh is also recommended.

Sugar: The Bitter Truth - Robert Lustig

Dr Bruce Ames Vitamines, minerals - Aging

Dr Esselstyne - Hearth health

Dr Greger - Annual lecture

Dr Campbell - Meat, Dairy link to Cancer - China Study

Dr Amen - Brain Health