My Best Inner Visdom Video Links

Chinise Grandfather Deshun Wang - Age does not matter! Arnold has a good sence of humor and this is his great motivational speech. Marie Kondo helps to you keep your clothes and your life in order. Like Zen of Tidying Up.  Ajahn Brahm famous buddisth monk and his most viewed speech. Admiral McRaven speaks about NAVY Seal disipline. Robert Greene and his Google talk about Mastery. If you want to achive master skills in any field I would also recommend Robert Greenes book Mastery. Carol Dweck talks how important is to keep Growth mindset instead of fixed mindset in any age to improve your achivements. Thoughts from monk Ajahn Chah. Sir Ken Robinson speaks about our education system and creativity.

Be the fiercest - Deshun Wang

Ajahn Brahm - Four Ways of Letting Go

Carol Dweck - Growth Mindset

The Fog of War - Film that everybody should see

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Motivation Speech

Admiral William H. McRaven - Navy Seal speech

Ajahn Chah - Mindful Way

Marie Kondo - Tidying Up

Robert Greene - Mastery

Sir Ken Robinson - Creativity